Purchase Order

Terms & Conditions



1.1                   This Purchase Agreement (hereinafter "the Purchase Agreement") has been concluded between the following parties:


1.2                 Sugi Group AB (559009-0378) box 65, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, 11356 Stockholm (hereinafter ”Supplier”)




1.3                 Quote receiving part (hereinafter ”Customer”);




2.1                 This Agreement consists of this Purchase Agreement and Appendix 1, which is listed in paragraph 5 (hereinafter collectively "the Agreement").


2.2                 The Supplier undertakes to offer, during the term of the Agreement, the services (hereinafter "Services") listed in Appendix 1 to the Customer in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. The customer's parent, subsidiary and sister companies are entitled to place orders in accordance with the terms and conditions that follow from the agreement. A company or group company that has made an order is solely responsible to the Supplier for the obligations arising from the order.


2.3                 The parties acknowledge that it is essential for the Customer that delivery takes place on time and on agreed terms, and that the Services are faultless and contractual. The Supplier therefore undertakes to ensure that he has sufficient resources reserved and can fulfill the obligations arising from this Agreement.


2.4                 Connected products as detailed in Quote.   





Bank account details


Bankgiro: 463-2824

Bankkonto nr: 6175-891 756 108  

IBAN: SE25 6000 0000 0008 9175 6108






4.1                 The receiving party is considered to have received a message sent by letter on the second day from the date of the postmark or if the message was sent by fax or email, at the time of sending. The parties may change their contact details by giving written notice to the other party.


4.2                 Supplier:


Sugi Group AB, SE559009037801

Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, 113 56 Stockholm

Madeleine Gedda




5.1                 This agreement consists of the following appendices (except the Purchase Agreement):

                      1. Services and contact information.


5.2                 In the event that the terms of the Purchase Agreement and its appendices are contradictory, the terms of the Purchase Agreement shall take precedence and then the appendices in numerical order. As clarification, it is stated that no conditions other than the above apply to the delivery of the Services, even in a situation where reference has been made to such deviant terms or such terms have been included in messages between the parties (eg in an order confirmation).




Regarding Intellectual Property Rights


6.1                 The supplier has created an application solution one ("App") that will contribute to the collection of packaging and be delivered to return / recycling stations by end consumers. The Supplier owns all rights associated with the App and its use.


6.2                 The Supplier guarantees that the App can be used freely by the Customer in accordance with this Agreement and that the software for the App is not burdened by or infringes on another's additional right.


6.3                 The Supplier has a limited right during the term of the Agreement to use the Customer's selected trademarks and product names for use in the App, in accordance with this Agreement. The Supplier undertakes to follow the Customer's instructions regarding profiling, logos / branding, symbols or other intellectual property rights in the given App format. Upon termination of the agreement, the Supplier shall immediately cease using trademarks, product names, symbols and / or other intellectual property rights owned by the Customer.



It is noted that no intellectual property rights are transferred between the parties as a result of this Agreement.





7.1                 This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and agreements between the parties.



7.2                 The Agreement enters into force when duly signed by both parties and which it will automatically extended by 12 months at a time if not terminated 3 months in advance.






1.1 Customers commitments

The customer will contribute to the collaboration by:

1) Pay a fee for participation in the Bower program according to the quote.

2) Create digital coupons via ClearOn or equivalent that can be used by the Supplier. Optional

3) Deliver updated logos, any marketing material / text and EAN code on connected products.


1.2 Supplier's commitment

The supplier will contribute to the collaboration by:

1) ​​ Provide a smartphone app on AppStore and Google Play that includes the ability for consumers to

a) Locate public recycling/approved stations and other state-approved recycling stations and enabling launch of the scanner in the app only within an approved radius from one station,

b) Scan connected packaging to give consumers incentives / coupons in the app.

c) Deliver the incentive / coupon to consumers via the app and enable the consumer to redeem the coupon in approved stores.

2) Offer customer support to answer customer complaints and questions.

Send monthly report to the customer containing the amount of scanned packaging, for the most recent period.


Contact details to Sugi Group AB               

Org.nr                                    559009-0378

Contact person                 Madeleine Gedda

Phone number                   010-171 25 25

Mailing address                Box 65, 11356 Stockholm

Mail address                      madeleine@getbower.com

Visiting address                 Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, Stockholm