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Recycle your take-away mug and get rewarded!

June 1 - August 31, 2021 in Örnsköldsvik's city center

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How to recycle your take-away mug.

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Pay for your drink, incl. deposit. (It's important that you get a mug with a collar with a QR code.)


Download the Bower app.

Find the nearest recycling bin using the map in the app.

Scan the QR code found on the collar of the mug.


Sort the mug with collar in the paper container.


You can see the deposit amount in the app. Use it to  redeem to your bank account or donate the money to charity.

At the recycling station:

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Participating cafés

•   Café Lara   •   Café 9   •   Café UH   •   IVK   •   Meet Point   •   Villakiosken   •   Wayne's Coffee   •

Three important things needed for you to be able to get rewarded for recycling your mug:

  1. Collar with QR code

  2. The Bower app

  3. Recycling station

The Bower app.

  • Finds closest recycling bin

  • Registers mug

  • Gives back the deposit amount

  • Opportunity to provide feedback

Information about the project.

Disposable items increase in number and lead to increased litter in the public environment. In a new project, a deposit on disposable mugs for take away is now being tested. The idea is to see if it provides increased source sorting and reduced litter in public environments. The deposit concept will be tested in Örnsköldsvik's city center in the summer of 2021 during the period 1 June - 31 August. Seven cafés are participating in the project carried out by RISE, together with Örnsköldsvik municipality and Bower.

We hope that you as a consumer also want to try ordering your take away mug. To make it easy to sort at source, seven source sorting bins have been placed in the city center. Mugs and collars are sorted in the container marked with paper, which is an important step for you to get the deposit amount back. With the help of the Bower app, you can see where these vessels are located. You also use the app to register your mug using the QR code on the mug's collar. You also get the deposit amount back via the app.

Read more about the project on the RISE website

Project partners.


The project is funded by Vinnova.