Scan and win SEK 10,000!

Right now you can win SEK 10,000 if you invite a friend via the Bower app and scan your packaging.

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Only for users in Sweden.

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How do you participate in the competition?

Invite a friend

Invite a friend via the Bower app. Your friend needs to create an account. 


Find instructions on how to invite a friend via your profile page in the app.

Scan & recycle

Scan with the Bower app and recycle as usual.

Win 10,000 SEK

The user who recycles the millionth packaging wins 10,000 SEK. On average, 350,000 packages are recycled every week. 


You are not expected to recycle 1 million packages on your own, it is the total number of recycled packages that counts.

* The winner will be contacted via email and the money will be paid out to the specified bank account in the Bower app. The recipient are responsible for social security contributions and taxes. The competition only applies in Sweden.